A Bit About Bouldr

Tailored Climbing Guidebooks

If, like me, you buy paper guidebooks, you may have come across the same frustration: you get lots of problems and routes, but nowhere near enough at your own level. If you're lucky enough to have climbs from your local crag, if that crag is not world-renowned, then you may find that it's only covered sparsely. While it is great to learn about the varied climbs out there, what’s the point if they are too far away or are too easy or too hard?

What if you could buy a climbing guidebook that was tailored to the places you climb and the grades you climb at?

Why buy a guidebook that is only 20% useful?

We spoke to a bunch of climbers, and to our surprise, we found that many feel that around 80% of the climbs in guidebooks are of no interest to them. This is where Bouldr comes in, tell us where you climb and at what grade, and we will create a climbing guidebook tailored to your skill level and location - at a fraction of the cost of a bound guidebook.

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